COVID-19 Information:

While Mentorship events are typically in-person, we are so excited to be able to adjust our programming to meet the needs of our kiddos! 


In light of near-universal vaccination at UCLA, we will be hosting our two mentor-only training events during UCLA's Fall Quarter in-person.  These will consist of presentations on each age-group, a compatibility test to match mentors with a mentee, and LiveScans.

During UCLA's Winter Quarter, we will be hosting virtual events over the ZOOM platform at the same times as previous years (4:45pm - 7:30pm PST, Tuesday or Wednesday). The events for each age group, elementary, middle, and high school, will be held during separate, hour-long intervals in this 3-hour block. Events will consist mentors/mentees meeting over ZOOM with the help of their age group Program Coordinators.  Mentees will also have access to event-related supplies delivered by Mentorship to continue our hands-on programming. While the events are shorter than before, our goal is to make sure that all age groups are engaged, and have a fun time socializing with their mentors and other mentees in the club! 


During UCLA’s Spring Quarter, weekday events will remain online with regular supply drop-offs.  Additionally, we will be holding four unofficial, in-person Saturday events at Target Park in North Hollywood.  These events will be for all mentors and mentees.

Please contact the Program Directors (Cole or Chandni) with any questions or concerns at

frequently asked questions

What is a In-Person event like?

Weekday events are held bi-weekly during from 4:45-7:00 PM on either Tuesdays or Wednesdays, depending on you and your mentee's availability. Each event has a theme (i.e. science day, culture day, career day) with programmed activities for each age group that correspond to the theme. These occur in the Sunken Gardens at UCLA.

Saturday events are held bi-weekly from around 10 AM to 3 PM, depending on the event. These occur at select locations around LA. For example, some of the locations from last year included the zoo, a hike, the beach, and Knott's Berry Farm. We also go to Target Park in North Hollywood once per quarter to meet the mentees' families.

See the "About" tab and previous FAQ for updated information on Spring events during the 2021-2022 year.

Is mentorship an academic/Tutoring club?

No. Mentorship's mission is to inspire children towards higher education and the pursuit of their desired careers by providing them with role models and fostering meaningful relationships between them, rather than providing academic assistance. Our events are structured to create a fun-loving support system for each child and reveal to them their potential to succeed.

However, we do have resume building workshops and college application prep for high schoolers during Career and Higher Education Day.

When can i join?

For mentors, the application will open during Week 0 of Fall Quarter and be due by the end of Week 2. This is the only application cycle for the school year, so if you are thinking about applying, don't wait until the winter or spring!

How many people are in mentorship?

There are approximately 100 mentors and 100 mentees in MSHIP. Join our family.