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Meet the committee

Program Directors


Cali Nalchajian


Asal Esteghlal

about MSHIP

history & Mission

In 2001, several UCLA students took action in creating a club that embodied the characteristics of selflessness, inspiration, and leadership.


Through collaborative efforts with Volunteers of America, the Mentorship Program at UCLA took the large youth community residing in the government-subsidized apartments of North Hollywood and brought them under their guidance.


Mentorship is now a year-long program that facilitates one-on-one relationships between student volunteers at UCLA and children from these underserved communities in North Hollywood.

By emphasizing the importance of higher education, important values, creation and preservation of meaningful relationships, and the pursuit of their desired careers, Mentorship has withstood 20 years of life and continues to grow.

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Meet the Committee
History and Mission

Program Coordinators

High School


Octavio Santana

Middle School


Ben Zhang


Cayleigh Rocha

Elementary School


Jorja Moes

Halle Katz


Logistics Coordinator


Chandler Webster

2019-2020 Calendar

2022-2023 Calendar

Winter and Spring

  • Bi-weekly events (Tuesdays or Wednesdays) 

    • 4:45 - 7:15 pm​

  • Saturday events in-person 3 times per quarter


May 6

May 20

June 3

Saturday Event (in-person)

Saturday Event (in-person)

Saturday Event (in-person)

April 11/12

April 25/26

May 9/10

May 23/24

June 6/7

Weekday Event 

Weekday Event

Weekday Event 

Weekday Event

Weekday Event


Jan 28

Feb 11

Mar 4

Saturday Event (in-person)

Saturday Event (in-person)

Saturday Event (in-person)

Jan 17 & 18

Jan 31 & Feb 1

Feb 14 & Feb 15

Feb 28 & Mar 1

Mar 14 & Mar 15

Weekday Event 

Weekday Event

Weekday Event 

Weekday Event

Weekday Event

High School Scholarships
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